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Op Girls Learn to Ride - 2005 Clinic Schedule


Op Girls Learn to Ride
Op Girls Learn to Ride
The Op Girls Learn to Ride program is a cool program to get girls and women of all ages out to learn more about and participate in action sports. The overall program has expanded to over 200 clinics in seven different sports.

In 2005, the mountain bike clinics will again partner with instructors from MTB Chick Racing and Cannondale Bicycles. Teen Vogue is the presenting sponsor and will provide marketing and promotions support to help boost a broad range of participants.

The mountain bike clinics cover skill levels from beginner to advanced. Students will learn basic to advanced bike-handling skills such as how to ride over logs and down steep hills; racing tactics and techniques for cross country; short track and ultra-endurance racing; basic and intermediate bike maintenance and repairs, for trail side repair and racing; all about mountain bike advocacy and area trail systems; how to upgrade to the next category; how to find a team or sponsorship and nutrition for racing

The clinics will cost from $65 to $150 US and will range in length from half a day to two full days.

The 2005 schedule of events is as follows:

Mar 26-27--McDowell Mountain Park--Phoenix AZ

May 7-8--Mission Trails Regional Park--San Diego CA

May 14-15--Aliso & Woods Regional Park--Laguna Niguel CA

June 11-12--TBD--Park City UT

July 16-17--White Ranch Park--Denver CO

July 16-17--Snow Summit--Big Bear CA

Aug 13-14--Mountain Creek--Vernon, NJ

For more info go to www.opgirlslearntoride.com.

It's programs like this that are creating our next generation of female athletes.

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