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5 Apps for Mountain Bikers


Seems like everyone has a smartphone these days—and many mountain bikers are bringing the technology on the trails. If you like to mountain bike, and own a smartphone, keep reading for a list of apps that can help you navigate trails, fix your bike, track your workout and more.

1. Atomic Softwares’ Bike Repair ($3.99)

©Atomic Software
Atomic Softwares’ Bike Repair is a practical mobile app that puts bike repair back into the cyclist’s hands. Need to adjust your derailleur, fix your shifting, remove your rear wheel or bleed your hydraulic brakes? There is no need to take your bike to the shop when it’s possible to repair bike problems on your own—at home or on the trail. With assistance from the Bike Repair app, learn how to fix 42 problems yourself, maintain your bike properly and address common bodily aches and pains. Step by step guides and large photos trump long text in this useful application. Visit their website for more information.

2. Intelligent Design + Communications’ Yodel App ($0.99)

©Intelligent Design + Communications
The Yodel App is a simple and effective iPhone app designed to help keep outdoor enthusiasts safe. Yodel uses the location services of the iPhone, along with a user’s intended route and time of return to communicate their plans to a network of trusted contacts. With one quick action, Yodel communicates all of these details to the right people, improving the odds of help reaching you quicker if something goes unplanned, such as developing an injury or becoming lost. Yodel also features a one-touch waypoint transmitter and an emergency SOS alert. Additional features include:
  • a simple user interface,
  • SMS and e-mail notifications,
  • emergency SOS feature, and
  • running in the background so as not to use excess battery life.
For more information, visit their website.

3. Abvio Inc.'s Cyclemeter App ($4.99)

©Abvio Inc.
The Cyclemeter transforms an iPhone into a GPS stopwatch. Track your mountain bike workouts—the Cyclemeter will keep track of your time, location, distance, elevation and speed. Monitor your progress automatically (at time or distance intervals) or on demand with 25 configurable announcements, such as time, elevation, distance, speed and more. You can even compete against a previous workout or other people’s workout routines that you’ve imported. View your results on graphs, maps and calendars. Social media and e-mail can be used to share maps of your workouts. Don’t worry about using too much space, as years of workout information takes up just a few songs’ worth of space. Visit the website for more information.

4. MapMyFitness, Inc.'s iMapMyRide+ ($1.99)

© MapMyFitness, Inc.
This application enables mountain bikers to utilize the built in GPS on their mobile device to track workout details, such as distance, duration, elevation, calories burned, route traveled and more. GPS tracking records your actual route on the Google Maps display. Pause along the way to take mobile photos to geotag your workout. The app can run in the background, allowing you to take calls and view text messages while still recording progress. Afterwards, sync your ride information with the MapMyRIDE website—which acts like a cycling social network that connects you with other cyclists, and motivates you to meet or exceed your training goals. iMapMyRIDE+ can be used to record hiking, running, swimming, walking, and other sport/activity workouts.

5. Avenza’s PDF Maps App (FREE)

Introducing the first and only geospatial PDF reader on the iPhone from Avenza. The free app caters toward a new generation of digital trailblazers and outdoor explorers, letting them plot points and figure distances while in the woods. The bad news: Sometimes the best singletrack ends up being in areas with zero cell signal. The good news: Avenza’s PDF Maps app doesn’t need bandwith or cell tower proximity to remain interactive. This lets you access information at your destination instead of wasting time searching for cell reception. Other cool features:
  • The library of maps expands on a daily basis.
  • View real world locations.
  • Interactive maps work even if there isn’t a live network connection.
Visit the website for more information.

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