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Mountain Bike History - Mountain Bike History & Origins

Learn about where mountain biking came from with these mountain bike history resources. Mountain bike history from its beginnings to the future.

A History Of Mountain Biking
An illustrated look at the history of mountain biking. An unbiased look at where mountain biking started, how it developed, and what it is today.

Mountain Bike History - From the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
A quick look at the history of mountain biking from the mountain bike hall of fame.

Klunkerz - Mountain Bike Origins on Film
Klunkerz is a documentary about the early days of mountain biking. It covers more than just the invention of the mountain bike, it examines the culture and people it grew out of. With awesome interviews and priceless vintage footage, it's sure to entertain. Just watching the trailer is worth a visit to the site.

Mountain Biking From Hall of Famer Charlie Kelly
A great mountain bike history and nostalgia site from an influential father of the sport. Great old mountain bike photos, articles, clippings and stories from the early days.

The History of Mountain Biking as Witnessed by One of its Pioneers
Learn about the sometimes disputed history of the mountain bike from one of its undisputed pioneers. Joe Breeze was there from the beginning of the modern mountain bike and has some great insight.

A Brief History of the Mountain Bike
A look at the history of mountain biking and the people who got it to where it is today.

A Quick History of Bicycles
A look at the history of bicycles with some good illustrations. You might be surprised to see where Mountain biking came from. Bicycles have come a long way.

The Tale of the Long Travel Trail Bike
A look at the roots of the long travel trailbike. Longer travel bikes that can handle varied terrain are quickly outselling the light cross country racers of the past.

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