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Mountain Biking Maintenance, Repairs & Mechanics Advice

Learn how to get that squeaky, run down mountain bike back into shape. Easy guides to keeping your bike running smooth, fixing the most common mountain bike mechanical problems as well as upgrading your bicycle to improve performance.
  1. Basic Bike Maintenance (13)
  2. Flat Tire Repair (5)
  3. More Advanced Repair (3)
  4. On Trail Repair (4)

How to Change a Bicycle Pedal
Learn how to change a bicycle pedal with this step-by-step guide!

How To Quick Lube a Mountain Bike - Quick and Easy Mountain Bike Lube
A good mountain bike lube job is essential to a smooth running mountain bike. If you want to get out and ride but don't have time to do a thorough mountain bike lube there are just a few points you should pay attention to before you hit the trails.

Mountain Bike Trail Building Tools
Learn what tools you need to build a mountain bike trail.

How to Fix a Flat Tire - Fix a Flat Mountain Bike Tire
A step by step guide on how to fix a flat tire. Its easy to learn how to fix a flat tire, it just takes a few minutes and a few tools.

How To Survive a Torn Mountain Bike Tire Casing
A torn mountain bike tire casing or sidewall on the trail can spell disaster for the rest of your ride. There is hope if you know what to do with that torn mountain bike tire casing and you have the right supplies.

Why Did My Rear Derailleur Go Into My Spokes?
The common causes of your derailleur going into your rear wheel spokes and how to prevent the problem. Its not uncommon to run your derailleur into the spokes of your rear wheel. When your derailleur goes into your spokes it can have disastrous consequences.

Park Tools - Extensive Repair and Maintenance Advice - Good Tools
Excellent, comprehensive bike repair advice and instructions. Park tools knows bikes as well as anyone. Since they are one of the top tool suppliers to the industry, they know how to fix just about anything.

Quick Fixes for Common Mountain Bike Problems
Save yourself a trip to the bike shop - learn how to fix common mountain biking problems on your own!

Mountain Bike Fix-it Index
A very complete index of common mountain bike fixes with good descriptions and photos to help you Fix your mountain bike. A great resource from UtahMountainbiking.com.

Spring Cleaning from DirtWorld.com
A comprehensive guide to giving your mountain bike a good deep cleaning.

MBA's Top 25 Home Repair Tips
A good guide with brief tips on home mountain bike repair from Mountain Action Magazine.

Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes - How to Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes
Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes - How to Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes

Taking Care of Business
Brush up on basic mountain bike maintenance skills.

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