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Readers Respond: Top Places to Mountain Bike in the US

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I've shared what I think are the top five places to mountain bike in the US. Now it's your turn. Add a destination to my list, or come up with your own personal top five. Share Your Favorite Place

Brevard, NC

I think when Asheville was mentioned it was because people know that name, but the smaller city where the trails (and good restaurants) are is called Brevard. If you go out to Ashville to ride in Dupont and Pisgah, you are really in and around Brevard so you may want to start there.
—Guest Dave

Boulder City, Nevada

Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the trails of Bootleg Canyon: These are three of the man-made wonders of southern Nevada.Local trail builder Brent Thomson and associates have created an extensive network of both cross-country and downhill-specific trails (including Elevator Shaft’s 22 percent grade!) that have been hailed as some of the best in the nation. Bootleg Canyon is one of IMBA’s Epic Rides. There are 36 miles of trail in all a network of interconnecting trails that can be linked in countless ways to make a ride of any length and difficulty. You can even shuttle to the top.The cross-country trails-East and West Legs, Lake View and Mother Trail, among others are beautiful, flowing singletrack lines with technical spurs for riders who want to add serious challenges to their day. Ride up to the DH start box used in Bootleg Canyon’s active race series for the best view, as Boulder City, Lake Mead and even Las Vegas unfold below you. http://www.snmba.net/trails/bootleg-canyon/

Top 5 places to mt bike

Bellingham Washington- Galbraith mt This place offers lots of cross country and plenty of down hill freeride combos that will switch up on ya half way through the trail
—Guest Jack Thompson

Angel Fire New Mexico

Angel Fire is an amazing place to ride. There are miles and miles of lift accessed downhill with amazing features. Great cross country trails are located all over the mountain. There are green belt trails that offer you glimpses of wildlife while riding. And we mustn't forget the famous "South Boundary Trail" which is a 26 mile trail that runs all the way to Taos!
—Guest Jeri Lyn

Eagle, CO: Secret Fruita

Eagle, CO is the Western Slope's OTHER singletrack destination. Check out: http://www.mountainbikeeagle.com or http://eagleoutside.com/
—Guest Snowrider

Cycling Capital of the USA

Number three on this list should be titled "Brevard, NC" as that is where all the serious Pisgah and DuPont riding are located. There actually is not much to ride in Asheville, and Brevard has everything Asheville has to offer only in a more genuine small town setting.
—Guest Number three?


You have to ride gooseberry Mesa it's not to popular but it is the most amazing trail. prepare to fall it has some great technical pieces.
—Guest Mike

Favorite places

My favorite places are Kingdom Trails in East Burke, Vt. And Alligripis Trails in Central Pennsylvania.
—Guest Tap


Sedona, Arizona doesn't make the top 5? That's okay, keep it secret, it's better that way...
—Guest Sean


Sedona, Arizona is amazing as well. Tons of easily accessible trails for ALL skill levels. Stunning scenery as well.
—Guest Timmay

Best Mountain Bike Places in Europe

I think, the best place to bike is Mallorca! E.g. book over www.roxybike.com
—Guest Mike

Totally Tahoe

Riding around Lake Tahoe Rocks. North Shore to the South Shore, West and East Shores too...
—Guest crazytrain


My two favorite spots so, after just 3 years of mountain biking, are the Maah Daah Hey Trail in ND and Copper Harbor in the far western end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The MDH in ND is a 100 mile long trail through the Badlands with incredible views, unending hills and countless valleys. Suggested way to do it is by camping at night. Copper Harbor Michigan has over 100 miles of singletrack throught gorgeous northern Michigan country, that simple.
—Guest Dan

Gooseberry vs. Moab?

Have you been to Gooseberry? I've not been to Moab, but folks I know who have been to both usually prefer Goose, since there is slickrock along with singletrack of varying types. More variety. Can't compare them personally, though.
—Guest Chris H

Arizona MTB rocks

This may not be quite on par with the awesome places you've listed, but it's not too far off, either. One of my favorite places ever to ride - Fort McDowell, AZ, outside of Phoenix/ Scottsdale. 15 miles of classic desert singletrack spread out over three loops, and sections for all types of riders, from newbies to experts. You'll find steep drops and climbs, swooping turns, and some technical descents all in the middle of beautifully rugged desert terrain. Ride it once, or a hundred times - it's never the same.

My Favorite Spots

You have some great ones on there... I would also add Durango, Gooseberry Mesa, and Whistler to the list!
—Guest MTB Rider

My Top Place

Lewis Morris Park in Morristown, NJ is my pick! Great for beginners who are looking for the next step in mtn biking... what goes up, must come down.
—Guest Sumiya Qutub

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Top Places to Mountain Bike in the US

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