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Mountain Biking: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Is the Proper Mountain Bike Tire Pressure?
Setting your mountain bike tire pressure to the correct level for your riding style and terrain. How to determine what tire pressure to use in your mountain bike tires. Preventing pinch flats while maintaining optimal control of your mountain bike through proper tire pressure.
Which Wheel Size Is The Best Wheel Size?
Learn the merits and shortcomings of each mountain bike wheel size to determine which is right for you.
How to Decide if Tubeless Tires Are Right for...
A comparison of tubeless tires vs. standard mountain bike tires. A look at why you might want to switch from your standard system to a tubeless tire system or why you might want to stay with what you have.
650B Mountain Bikes: What Are They and Why Do...
A quick look at the 650B mountain bike movement. Why you might want a 650B mountain bike and how they are different.
How to Change a Bicycle Pedal
Learn how to change a bicycle pedal with this step-by-step guide!
Do You Really Want or Need a 29 Inch Mountain...
A quick look at 29 inch mountain bikes. Why someone may or may not want a 29 inch mountain bike. The positives and negatives of 29 inch mountain bikes. Why some manufacturers are making bikes with 29 inch wheels.
5 Things to Upgrade First On Your Mountain Bike
Learn what to upgrade first on your mountain bike.
How to Buy the Right Mountain Bike for You
A mountain bike buyers guide to lead you to a satisfying mountain bike purchase. This mountain bike buyers guide will help you put some thought into it before you lay down the cash. It will make the mountain bike buying process go a bit smoother.
Disc or Rim Brakes: Which Is Better for Your...
Who should have disk brakes or rim brakes on their mountain bikes. A weight comparison of disc brakes and rim brakes. What it takes to switch from rim brakes to disc brakes or from disc brakes to rim brakes and why you might want to make a switch.
What Type of Mountain Bike Is Right for You?
A quick guide to choosing the right type of mountain bike for you. How to decide what type of mountain bike will fit your needs best. Choosing between cross Country, all mountain (trailbike), freeride, and downhill mountain bikes.
What Should My Bike Seat Height Be? - Setting...
Setting proper bike seat height for your size. Ensuring joint health, pedaling efficiency, and comfort while riding your bike or mountain bike with the proper seat height position. Advice for mountain bikes and other bikes.
Definition of All Mountain- The Mountain Bike...
A quick definition of an all-mountain mountain bike. Description of the mountain bike category known as all-mountain. What makes a mountain bike an all-mountain mountain bike.
What is the Proper Position of My Bike Seat -...
Proper bike seat position for better comfort, joint health, and pedaling efficiency. A quick guide to setting proper seat angle and horizontal position.
What Mountain Bikers Should Eat
Find out what to eat to improve your performance on the bike.
How much mountain bike suspension travel do I...
How much suspension travel do you need on your mountain bike? Are you riding a mountain bike with the right amount of suspension travel for your riding style and terrain?
Hardtail - Definition of a Mountain Bike Hardtail
What is a hartail mountain bike? It's simple, check out our quick difinition of a mountain b ike hardtail.
What to Wear Winter Mountain Biking
Don’t let frosty weather keep you from hitting the trails. Dress in layers for cold-weather comfort!
How to Mountain Bike Downhill
Learn how to mountain bike downhill with this step-by-step guide!
What Type of Pedals Should You Get for Your...
Descriptions, performance and guidelines to choosing bike pedals. What type of bike pedals you should be using. What makes some bike pedals better than others. Clipless, platform, and cages, why what type of bike pedals you use makes a diffference.
A "Before You Ride" Basic Beginner Mountain...
A step by step guide to beginner mountain Biking skills to help make the riders first rides easier. A basic set of beginner mountain bike skills to master before heading out on the mountain bike trails.
Do You Need a Full Suspension Mountain Bike?
Full suspension mountain bikes are everywhere these days. Find out if a full suspension or a hardtail mountain bike is for you.
What's a frame? It's simple, check out this definition of a mountain bike frame.
6 Mountain Biking Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid these mountain biking mistakes.
29er Mountain Bikes: Who Needs One?
A 29er is the name for a mountain bike that has 29-inch wheels. Should you be riding one?
8 Reasons Mountain Biking is Good For Your...
Learn how mountain biking benefits you physically, emotionally and socially.
Why Did My Rear Derailleur Go Into My Spokes?
The common causes of your derailleur going into your rear wheel spokes and how to prevent the problem. Its not uncommon to run your derailleur into the spokes of your rear wheel. When your derailleur goes into your spokes it can have disastrous consequences.
How to Fix a Flat Tire - Fix Your Own Flat...
A step by step guide on how to fix a flat tire. Its easy to learn how to fix a flat tire, it just takes a few minutes and a few tools.
How To Quick Lube a Mountain Bike
A good mountain bike lube job is essential to a smooth running mountain bike. If you want to get out and ride but don't have time to do a thorough mountain bike lube there are just a few points you should pay attention to before you hit the trails.
How to Clean a Mountain Bike
Learn how to clean your bike and what items you’ll need for the job!
Introducing 27.5+ Tires (Part 1)
You may have just gotten behind the 27.5 movement, but don’t get too comfortable because there’s a new size arriving in 2016: 27.5+.
Mountain Bike Accessories You Will Need
The beginner mountain biker can get a little overwhelmed when they first walk into a bike store to buy their first mountain bike and all of the mountain bike accessories they will need to start riding. Find a list of all the mountain bike accessories one needs to get started.
No Gym, No Problem – Mountain Bike...
A two day, no gym required, strength training program for mountain bikers from MTB Strength Training System creator James Wilson. A serious at home or on the road mountain bike strength training program.
Best Places to Mountain Bike in the United States
A list of the top places to mountain bike in the US.
What Is Tubeless & Why You Need It - Part 1
In Part 1 of this interview, Rich O'Neil of Stan's NoTubes discusses the benefits and downsides of tubeless technology.
How to Tune Up a Mountain Bike
Learn some basic skills to keep your mountain bike in tip-top shape.
SRAM or Shimano? - Is One Drivetrain Better...
A quick look at the two main drivetrain systems available to the mountain bike industry.
Trailbike - Definition of trailbike category of...
A quick definition of a trailbike mountain bike. Description of the mountain bike category known as trailbikes. What makes a mountain bike a trailbike.
What is an Endo?
: Short for “end over end,” an endo is when the front end of a bike stays fixed while the rear rotates
Types of Mountain Bike Frame Materials
Understanding the different frame materials for a mountain bike.
Mountain Biking Moab Utah - Beginner's Guide to...
Moab Utah can be an intimidating experience for beginner mountain bikers who don't know where to find safe and easy rides in this top mountain biking destination. Here's a safety conscious guide to mountain biking Moab Utah on beginner trails that eliminates the guesswork.

Some of the best riding in the world is in Moab UT. Go if you can, and keep this guide in mind if you think it might be a little over your head.

Official IMBA Mountain Bike Rules of the Trail
The general mountain biking rules of the trail for mountain bikers that every one should follow straight from the people who created them. Important mountain biking rules everyone should live by.
650B Mountain Bikes
A quick look at 650B mountain bikes and 650B wheel sizes.
Learn to Mountain Bike - Beginner, Intermediate...
Mountain bike tutorials to help you become the mountain biker you want to be. Quick lessons on improving your own mountain bike skills as well as learning some new ones.
How to Ride Over a Log
Learn how to mountain bike over a log with this step-by-step guide!
How To Survive a Torn Mountain Bike Tire Casing
A torn mountain bike tire casing or sidewall on the trail can spell disaster for the rest of your ride. There is hope if you know what to do, and if you have the right supplies.
Mountain Bike Anatomy Basics
We break down mountain bike anatomy basics for you here.
Quick Fixes to Repair Common Bike Problems
Save time and money by learning some basic mountain bike maintenance to repair common bike problems yourself.
Hardpack - A Definition of Hardpack Soil...
A quick look at hardpack soil conditions for mountain biking. What hardpack soil is like and what it will mean to the rider when riding in those conditions.
Full Suspension
What does full Suspension mean? It's simple, check out this definition of a full suspension mountain bike.
There's More Than One Type of Mountain Biking
Curious what the most common types of mountain biking are? Look no further.
Bring These Items on Your Next Mountain Bike Ride
Learn which essential items you need to bring with you on the mountain bike trail.
How To Identify & Prevent Poison Oak, Ivy...
Learn more about these plants, where they grow, how to avoid them and how to treat a reaction to ensure your next foray into the forest is itch-free.
Mountain Bike Racing Basics
Learn how to prepare for your first mountain bike race.
Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park Is A Vegas...
Just a short drive from The Strip, Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park is worth the trip when visiting Vegas!
What does freeride mean? It's simple, check out this definition of the mountain bike category known as freeride.
Mountain Bike Safety Tips - Ride in Control
There are a lot of ways to improve mountain bike safety. Some will argue, including myself, that wearing a helmet is the single most important step you can take. However, the second most important step in mountain bike safety should never be overlooked; you should always ride in control.
Pinch Flat - A Quick Definition of a Pinch Flat
What is a pinch flat? It's simple, check out this definition of a mountain bike pinch flat.
What is a Super D race?
A quick explanation of the Super D mountain bike race. What makes a Super D mountain bike race different from other mountaiin bike races.
5 Common CrossFit Injuries
Common CrossFit Injuries. Mountain Biking.
7 Reasons You Need A Fat Bike Now
Haven't swung a leg over a fat bike yet? Here's why you need to change that.
How To Set Up Your Bike Cockpit
When is the last time you paid attention to your cockpit? No, we’re not talking about airplanes here. Learn how to set up your bike's cockpit.
What is Dual Slalom mountain bike racing?
A definition of Dual Slalom mountain bike racing. What Dual Slalom racing is all about. Dual Slalom mountain bike racing rules and course description.
New Mountain Biking Terminology
Master the definition of these terms and you’re halfway to a successful mountain biking season.
What is Fat Biking?
What are fat bikes for? How do they work? How much do they weigh? Is there anything they can't do?
Do I Need a Women's Specific Mountain Bike?
Women's specific mountain bikes aren't for everyone but can be a great fit for some. Here's help for you to decide if you need a women's specific mountain bike for yourself.
Why Kauai Should Be Your Next Mountain Biking...
Mountain bike in Kauai. Mountain Biking.
5 Apps for Mountain Bikers
If you like to mountain bike, and own a smartphone, here's a list of apps that can help you navigate trails, fix your bike, track your workout and more.
Proper Nutrition for Mountain Bikers
Learn what to eat before, during and after a mountain bike ride.
Trek Bikes Fuel EX 7 Review
Mountain bike review of the Fuel EX from Trek Bikes. Our impression of the performance, feel and component spec of the Trek Bikes Fuel EX 7. Introduced for the Trek Bikes 2006 season, the Fuel EX is an XC bike with a little extra squish.
5 Outdoor Ideas For Fall Fitness
What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to quicken your pulse with an alfresco workout?
The Breezer Thunder Comp Mountain Bike: Reviewed
Light and lively, the Breezer Thunder Comp won't break the bank and is worth a test ride of your own.
Specialized Stumpjumper Review
Ride, feel, and performance of the Specialized Stumpjumper. What to expect before riding the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR.
Mountain Bike in Winter
The best spots to mountain bike during cold winter months.
Raystown Lake: Worth the Wait
The Allegrippis Trail System is 30-plus miles of singletrack designed by mountain bikers and built by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.
Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional...
The role of performance enhancing drugs in professional cycling.
Skip The Scale: Non-Traditional Ways To Measure...
Weight is only one of the possible measurements to assess improvement in health. Improvement in body mass index, waist circumference, and cholesterol or triglycerides are other possible indicators.
How to Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes
Learn how to mount cleats on your bike shoes with this step-by-step guide!
Shimano MW80 Mountain Bike Shoe: Rewiewed
The comfy and cozy Shimano MW80 makes riding enjoyable in the coldest of months.
What is a Rear Derailleur?
Find our what a rear derailleur is here!
Introducing 27.5+ Tires (Part 2)
Not quite as big as a fat bike tire and not as small as a traditional all-mountain tire, 27.5+ tires are nestled in the middle.
What does singletrack mean? It's simple, check out this definition of mountain bike singletrack.
How To Travel With Your Bike
How to Travel with Your Bike. Mountain Biking.
Lust-worthy & Lightweight: Mavic Crossmax...
In the market for cross-country wheels? You won't be disappointed by the super lightweight and well-performing Mavic Crossmax SL Disc wheelset - except maybe by the price.
Most Common Mountain Biking Maladies
Identify and prevent causes of cycling pain and injuries.
Santa Cruz Nomad - Bike Review of the Santa...
Everything you need to know about the Santa Cruz Nomad. Ride characteristics, pedaling efficiency, and general feel of the Santa Cruz Nomad.
Eat More Plants, Improve Your Mountain Biking...
An interview with Vega formulator, Brendan Brazier, about the misconceptions of a plant-based diet and its advantages to mountain bikers.
Biking in Bear Territory
What you need to know about bear safety.
Giant Cypher 1 Mountain Bike: Reviewed
With a plush five inches of travel and a lightweight setup, the Giant Cypher mountain bike will put you at ease on even the gnarliest trails.
5 Ways To Stay Fit During An Injury
While recovering from a sports injury can set your fitness back a bit, you don’t have to stop exercise completely. Maintain your fitness level by keeping active with a modified exercise routine.
Olympic Mountain Biking Basics
Olympic mountain biking is one of the youngest Olympic sports. Relatively speeking, the sport itself hasn't really been around that long either, but it's popularity and physical endurance requirements make it a perfect Olympic sport.
What You Need to Start Mountain Biking
What You Need to Start Mountain Biking
How to Choose the Right Saddle
Learn how to choose the right saddle for your mountain bike.
Eurobike 2015 Product Peeks
These innovative products caught my eye at Eurobike this year. Look for them to shake things up in your local bike shops next year.
What is an Allen Key?
: An Allen key, also called a hex key or an Allen wrench, is a hexagonal L-shaped bar that drives in
What is a Pump Track?
Find out what a pump track is as it relates to mountain biking!
Off Road Bike Touring 101
Learn what to bring on an off-road bike tour.
BOB Ibex Bicycle Trailer
BOB’s Ibex bicycle trailer is the ideal option for mountain bikers looking to get “lost” in the woods for a little bit.
What Is Tubeless & Why You Need It - Part 2
In Part 2 of this interview with Rich O'Neil of Stan's NoTubes, we take a look at the latest innovations and future expectations of tubeless mountain bike tire technology.
What You Need To Know About Bikepacking
Learn the basics of a fast-growing trend in mountain biking: bikepacking.
Olympic Mountain Biking Rules and Regulations
Find explanations of the rules and regulations that govern the Olympic mountain bike races.
Wissahickon Mountain Biking Trails: Urban Oasis
Cyclists flock to Wissahickon's mountain biking trails for good reason - great riding just a short pedal away from Philadelphia.
Yes, You Need To Apply Sunscreen Before Every...
Cyclists, cover these tricky spots before heading out on your next ride to prevent sunburn.
Kingdom Trails: New England's Thrilling Trail...
Kingdom Trails offers miles of twisty, flowing singletrack through a thick forest of green.
Should I Mountain Bike on a Wet Trail? - Riding...
Mountain biking on wet trails can be very damaging to the trail, especially in certain soil types. Riding and damaging a wet trail can not only lead to erosion but can lead to trail closures.
Revelate Designs Viscacha Seat Bag Review
The Viscacha is the “go-to seat bag for big adventures.” I put this claim to the test on a three-month bikepacking trip in Central Asia this past spring and was more than pleased with the results.
24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race course in Tucson, Ariz., showcases the state’s stunning desert scenery.
Do I need a women's bicycle seat?
A look at why some women's bicycle seats can cause so much pain and discomfort and what solutions there are to the problem. Women's bicycle seats and other options for women with serious bike seat comfort issues.
What does XC or cross-country mean? It's simple, check out this mountain bike definition of XC and cross-country.
The Future of E-Mountain Bikes
Many in the industry feel that electric bikes are going to be the hottest trend in the next few years.
Light & Motion Urban 400: Reviewed
The Light & Motion Urban 400 is an ideal light for relatively short mountain bike rides after dark.
How to Jump Off an Obstacle
Learn how to jump off an obstacle with this step-by-step guide!
Spin Class Basics
Join a spin clas to stay strong on your bike
It's TIme. Replace Your Helmet With The Giro...
The Giro Aspect helmet gets the job done on any terrain--without calling attention to itself.
Get Involved: Mountain Biking Forum
Get involved in the mountain biking forum on About.com!
Injury Prevention: Patellofemoral Syndrome
How to treat and prevent Patellofemoral Syndrome in cyclists.
Seat Post
What's a seat post? It's simple, check out this definition of a mountain bike seat post.
Eurobike 2015 Trends: Electric, Adventure &...
In 2016, expect to see the following in your local bike shops: electric mountain bikes, 27.5-plus wheels and adventure bikes/gear.
8 Mountain Biking Mistakes We've Made--So You...
Don't make these eight mountain biking mistakes!
Top 10 Mountain Bike Gifts Around & Under...
A quick list of $10 mountain bike gifts. Our top picks of mountain bike gifts around or under $10 US. These are mountain bike gifts that won't break your wallet, are easy to find, and cost about $10.
Cold Weather Cycling Tips (From A USA Cycling...
Learn how to ride in cold weather--tips from a USA Cycling Coach.
The Coolest Bikes & Gear For Kids In 2016
If you have a child in your life who is destined for two wheels, keep these items in mind to ensure they stay on the right (single)track.
A List of Prestigious Award Winners at OutDoor
A look at the Outdoor Industry Award winners from OutDoor 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
How to Build a Mountain Bike Trail
Learn the basics of building a mountain bike trail.
Revelate Designs Ranger Frame Bag Review
Mounted within the main triangle of my bike, the Ranger was an ideal storage spot for heavy items, as the bag keeps the weight centered and lower to the ground.
How To Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses
Learn how to prevent heat-related illnesses.
Raleigh XXIX
Riding the Raleigh XXIX is a full-body workout--one that will ultimately make you a better mountain biker.
5 Tips To Avoid Ticks
Five Tips to Avoid Tick Bites
Interview With E-Bike “Expert” User
“If users are experts, I am one,” says Ruth Nemzoff, Ed.D., age 74 “and a half.”
The Great E-Mountain Bike Debate
Already quite popular in Europe, e-mountain bikes are met with objections and hesitations by many in the U.S. market.
5 Foods To Fuel Your Body
Turn to these five, nutritious foods to fuel your body.
5 Best Pilates Exercises for Mountain Bikers
5 Best Pilates Exercises for Mountain Bikers
Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner Review
With the Cocoon silk mummy liner packed into your panniers, you can sleep anywhere on your next cycling adventure.
Kenda Small Block Eight Bicycle Tire
The Kenda Small Block Eight low profile makes the tire fast rolling on hard pack trails.
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker Review
Take the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker sleeping pad with you on your next bikepacking adventure, and you're guaranteed a good night's rest.
Top 10 Mountain Bike Gifts - 10 Easy Mountain...
A quick guide to our top ten mountain bike gifts. Great mountain bike gifts for your mountain biking friends and family.
5 Best Yoga Poses For Cyclists
Here they are! The 5 best yoga poses for cyclists.
Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0
The small, sleek Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0 is the minimalist’s pack of choice.
What is it Like to Mountain Bike at Night, and...
A quick look at riding mountain bikes at night and what you might need to give it a try. Night riding with your mountain bike. Mountain bike light systems.
Osprey Mira 26 Hydration Pack Review
When setting off on a multi-month bikepacking trip this past spring, I needed a hydration pack that would not only hold enough water to quench my thirst on long days in the saddle, but also one that could transport plenty of accessories and gear. Enter Osprey’s Mira 26 hydration pack.
Father's Day Gift Ideas
Find the perfect Father's Day gift for dads who have been bitten by the bicycling bug.
What to Bring on a Summer Ride
Essential Summer Mountain Biking Gear
Clipless Pedals - A Definition of Clipless Bike...
A quick description and definition of clipless bike pedals.
Mount Washington Valley: Something for Everyone
Where to mountain bike in New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley.
Step-By-Step Mountain Biking Guides
Click through these step-by-step guides for one-on-one mountain biking instruction.
Surly Pugsley
Extra wide rims and larger-than-normal tires make the Pugsley the ultimate adventure bike.
6 Easy Bike Maintenance DIYs
Brush up on basic mountain bike maintenance skills.
The Vegetarian Athlete
How can athletes maintain a vegetarian diet while enhancing their performance?
Take It Outside! Your Exercise Routine, That...
Don't know what exercises to do outside besides going for a run or biking? Here are a few gym substitution ideas.
What is Four Cross?
Learn what four cross is as it relates to mountain biking!
Are E-Mountain Bikes Cheating?
While road KOMs could fairly easily be set by inexperienced riders on e-bikes, it would still take a very experienced mountain biker to get a KOM on single track.

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