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Do I Need a Women's Specific Mountain Bike?


Question: Do I Need a Women's Specific Mountain Bike?
Answer: The answer is an unequivocal maybe. Women's specific mountain bikes are designed to fit a majority of women but cannot be designed to fit all women. You should try to test ride both women's specific mountain bikes as well as non-women specific bikes and decide for yourself which designs fit your body best.

The majority of women specific designs are designed around an average women's body. This body standard is smaller, lighter weight, and has a shorter torso and arms than the body standard of the average male that most non-women specific bikes are designed around.

If this average female body standard describes you, then you will most likely find a better a fit with a woman's specific design. Otherwise, if your build differs from this average women's body standard, a non-women's specific design may be a better choice.

For some women it simply boils down to size. There are a few companies now that offer extra small and extra extra small size frames, some are women's specific while others are not.

I usually try to support brands that offer a good selection of women's specific and/or women sized mountain bike designs. In addition, I support brands that offer both high end and low end women's specific or women sized designs. Check out the recommended brand sites for a selection of these brands.

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