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Mountain Biking Safety & Injury

The inherent dangers of mountain biking can be greatly reduced with proper riding techniques and safety equipment. When injury does occur, proper treatment and recovery time will get you back where you belong. With these resources, let us help keep you on the trail.

Injury Prevention: Patellofemoral Syndrome
How to treat and prevent Patellofemoral Syndrome in cyclists.

Injury Prevention
Learn how to prevent common mountain biking injuries.

Injury Prevention: Ulnar Neuropathy
How mountain bikers can prevent Ulnar Neuropathy.

Injury Prevention: Osteoarthritis of the Knee
How mountain bikers can prevent Osteoarthritis of the Knee.

How to Stay Cool on Your Bike This Summer
How to Stay Cool on Your Bike This Summer

Most Common Mountain Biking Maladies
Identify and prevent causes of cycling pain and injuries.

How to Avoid Mountain Biking Injuries
Experts reveal how to avoid mountain biking injuries.

Five Tips to Avoid Tick Bites
Five Tips to Avoid Tick Bites

Items You Need On A Mountain Bike Ride
What do you bring with you on the mountain bike trail?

Mountain Bike Safety Tips - Ride in Control
There are a lot of ways to improve mountain bike safety. Some will argue, including myself, that wearing a helmet is the single most important step you can take. However, the second most important step in mountain bike safety should never be overlooked; you should always ride in control.

Official Rules of the Trail
The general mountain biking rules of the trail for mountain bikers that every one should follow straight from the people who created them. Important mountain biking rules everyone should live by.

Pilates for Cyclists
What is Pilates? And how can it help make me stronger on the bike?

Where do I Need to Apply Suncrenn Before a Ride?
Where to put sunscreen before a bike ride. Common sunburn locations for bike riders. Mountain biking in the sun with sunscreen.

Post Injury Recovery
A guide to making the best of your post injury recovery. Exercises and strategies to get your body back to prime condition after injury.

Sports Medicine from About.com
Find sports medicine resources to help you heal up and get back out on the trail. Let About.com's Sports Medicine guide help keep you healthy.

Mountain Biking Injuries: Fitting Treatment to the Causes
Follow these tips - take steps to mountain bike safely and help prevent injuries.

Mountain Biking Safety: First Aid for the Trail
A good look at how to handle the most common mountain biking injuries you hopefully never come across on the trail. A quick guide to mountain bike first aid.

Biking in Bear Territory
What you need to know about bear safety.

Have You Encountered a Bear on the Trail?
Readers share their bear encounters while mountain biking. See submissions

How to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses
Learn how to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Mountain Bike at Night
Play it safe for an epic mountain bike ride in the dark

Sports Medicine As Preventive Medicine

Preventing Wrist Pain in Cyclists
How cyclists can prevent wrist pain.

Mountain Bikers: Protect Your Back!
How cyclists can prevent back pain.

All About Knee Pain
Learn how to treat and prevent common knee injuries seen in mountain bikers.

Concussions in Mountain Biking
How to diagnose, treat and prevent concussions in cycling.

Is It Ever OK To Ignore Pain? (Part 1)
When it's OK for mountain bikers to ignore pain.

Is It Ever OK To Ignore Pain? (Part 2)
When it's OK for mountain bikers to ignore pain.

5 Types of Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore
Don't ignore these 5 types of cycling pain.

5 Facts About Sun Exposure
How mountain bikers can protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays.

Sun Protection Tips For Mountain Bikers
A list of ways to protect yourself from the sun on your next ride.

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