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Mountain Bike Trail Information


Sure, it's helpful to learn new skills or widen your mountain bike vocabulary, but getting out on the trail and turning your pedals is what it's really all about. Find out where to ride in your region, what the International Mountain Biking Association has deemed "Epic" and how to stay safe on the trail.
  1. IMBA-Designated 'Epic' Trails
  2. Trail Reviews
  3. Safety on the Trail

IMBA-Designated 'Epic' Trails

The International Mountain Bicycling Association, a non-profit, public-supported organization that promotes mountain bicycling opportunities, devised a list of trails it deems "epic." The IMBA Epics are nominated by IMBA clubs, chapters and individual members and selected by IMBA staff.

"Epics are the must-do rides that are worth planning a vacation around or making a special trip to ride," says Mike Van Abel, IMBA's executive director.

Trail Reviews

Looking to take a mountain bike vacation? Or, perhaps, you just want to discover more trails in your own backyard. No matter the reason, we've got the goods on some of the best mountain bike trails across the United States.

Safety on the Trail

Mountain biking can be a whole lot of fun. However, there are times when your safety can be compromised. Though some things may be unpreventable—such as an encounter with wildlife—being prepared before you hit the trail will help you to have an enjoyable ride. Learn what to expect and tips to help you stay out of harm’s way.

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