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Sports Nutrition: Holiday Edition

Give the gift of fitness-specific food to your favorite mountain biker


I ride with many different mountain bikers from all walks of life—but there’s one thing we all have in common. We refuel with fitness-specific food during long rides. On these breaks, I make a point to look around at my fellow fat tire lovers to see what they’re eating. Why? Because I want to know what, if anything, I’m missing out on. Keep your hungry mountain biker from missing out on the latest trailside food by stuffing a delicious cycling-specific treat in their stocking. Here is a list of sports-specific foods that are sure to please.

1. GU Energy Chocolate Smoothie Recovery Brew

Delicious and light-tasting, naturally- sweetened, Strawberry Lemonade Electrolyte Brew Tablets are two fantastic options for the endurance athlete in your life. GU Electrolyte Tablets bring your system into balance more quickly than water alone by helping you retain more of the liquid you ingest. The optimal blend of sodium and potassium offers consistent hydration- so athletes will see a boost in preparation, sustenance, as well as recovery. With just ten calories, Strawberry Lemonade Brew Tablets are cool, refreshing, tangy yet sweet, and great over ice. MSRP $6.50 per Tube of 12 Tablets and $65 per Box of 10 Tubes

2. Kate’s Real Food Tiki Bar

The bars are hand-mixed with all-natural, organic ingredients that pack well, and supply the energy you need to get through any adventure without a subsequent bonk. Made for outdoor enthusiasts, by outdoor enthusiasts, these bars were turned from a home operation into an enterprise because of the high demand for their great taste! They are also freeze-proof for all the cold-weather junkies. The Tiki Bar is made with dairy free, soy free, gluten free and peanut free* ingredients. What you’ll taste: mango, cashew, coconut, almond butter and honey. Nutritional value: 5 g proteins, 32 g carbs and 19 g of good fats. *Made in a facility that contains gluten, soy, peanut and dairy 2.2 oz; MSRP $2.79

3. Chocolate Cherry CLIF SHOT BLOKS

CLIF has recently introduced a brand-new flavor that is sure to please many a fine mountain biker’s palate this holiday season: Chocolate Cherry. Mmmm. This bold and innovative addition marks a departure from fruit-only flavors with a delicious combination of subtle chocolate and ripe black cherries. Each three-BLOK serving also provides 50 mg of caffeine and 100 calories of quick energy. Available now at select specialty retail stores nationwide. Chocolate Cherry marks a departure from fruit-only flavored energy chews, and features a delicious combination of subtle chocolate and ripe black cherry flavors. Made with 95 percent organic ingredients, CLIF SHOT BLOKS provide athletes with an optimum balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes for quick energy and proper muscle function. Each packet of CLIF SHOT BLOKS contains six energy chews. With 100 calories per three pieces, it’s simple for athletes to customize and track their nutritional intake. MSRP: $1.99

4. CLIF Bar’s Seasonal Flavors

Back again for the 10th holiday season in a row, CLIF’s limited-edition, nostalgic three seasonal flavors--Peppermint Stick, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Iced Gingerbread are a yummy edition to any stocking this year. Made with organic ingredients CLIF’s seasonal flavored bars offer an athlete-crafted blend of carbohydrates, protein and fiber for sustained energy. But, wait, it gets even better. What could be better than spiced pumpkin pie, you ask? This: In the spirit of the season, CLIF Bar will donate one percent of net seasonal sales to Protect Our Winters, an organization committed to engaging and mobilizing the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change. This is one stocking stuffer you can feel good about purchasing! Available while supplies last. MSRP $1.39

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