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Share Your Winter Biking Favorites

Tell us your favorite winter bike destination, accessory, resolution and more.


When the weather turns frosty, what’s a mountain biker to do? We want to hear from you! From vacationing to cross-training, share your favorite ways to celebrate mountain biking during the cold, dark winter season. 

Share: What's Your Favorite Warm MTB Destination?

Have you lost all motivation to pedal in the snow? What’s a hibernating mountain biker to do during long, cold winter months? But of course, travel to a warmer spot! We’ve come up with a list of our favorite mountain biking destinations you should consider visiting in in the winter time if mountain biking isn’t an option where you live. Now it’s your turn! When the weather turns frigid, where do you migrate? Share your favorite warm weather mountain biking destination with us. Read more about warm mountain bike destinations

Share: What's Your Favorite Winter Bike Accessory?

Winter weather isn’t something to balk at. Mountain bike ill-prepared in winter and you run the risk of hypothermia. To ensure your next cold-weather ride is both fun and safe, dress appropriately in layered clothing and bring along essential winter gear. Two of my favorite accessories are winter-specific Lobster Gloves (reviewed here) and winter bike shoes (reviewed here). Now tell us: what's your favorite winter cycling accessory? Read more about winter bike accessories

Share: Your Favorite Way To Cross Train

When the snow flies and the temperature outside drops, your motivation to keep active might plummet too. How do you stay in shape? Do you take up yoga? Pilates? Nordic skiing? What is your number one tip for staying active during winter months? Read more about yoga, Pilates, and strength training


Share: Do You Own a Fat Bike?

Fat bikes – mountain bikes with oversized wheels – have been gaining popularity in recent years. The funny-looking bikes are designed specifically for use in snow and sand. Extremely low PSI allows the tires to “float” over this otherwise unrideable terrain. During winter months in the northern hemisphere, fat bikes help to extend the mountain biking season. Do you own one? Read more about fat biking

Share: Do You Ride Your Bike On Snow-Covered Trails?

In my opinion, there are two types of mountain bikers: those who “retire” their steed for the winter season, and those who ride all year. When a blanket of snow covers your local trails, what type of mountain biker do you become? Do you find yourself breaking out the studded tires or fat bike and riding? Or do you hibernate in the cozy warmth of the house? Do tell! Read more about cold weather layering


Share: What’s Your Biking Resolution?

When the year comes to an end I like to reflect on my New Year's resolutions from last year. If I had set goals at the beginning of the year and fell short of meeting them, I may also use this time to set more realistic goals for the upcoming year. Regardless of whether you succeeded or fell flat in meeting your previous resolutions, it’s time to brainstorm what you want to work towards this next year. Setting mountain bike-specific goals will help you become a better mountain biker Do you make a bike-related New Year's resolution? If so, tell us what you hope to accomplish on two wheels next year. Read more about my mountain biking resolutions from years past


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