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The Women of Mountain Biking


The Women of Mountain Biking

Attracting females to the male-dominated sport of mountain biking.

Ping Timeout via Flickr

A survey endorsed by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and conducted by Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures set out to better understand women’s motivations for mountain biking and how to attract more females to the male dominated sport.

The Women of Mountain Biking survey results reflect the responses of the 710 women who participated in 13 different countries, including the Unites States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland and more.

The survey results are directed toward the mountain bike industry—which consists of bike, gear and clothing manufacturers—and call for more customization, improved fits and reduced prices.

According to the survey,

  • A majority of mountain biking women participate in numerous other outdoor pursuits;
  • 90% of respondents started mountain biking through an invitation by a friend or partner/spouse;
  • Mountain biking should soften its image to connect with more women;
  • Intimidation and fear of injury keep many women off the trails;
  • To grow the spot, women should invite other women to mountain bike.

When asked what hold back some women from mountain biking, 60.6% said they view mountain biking as “too hard core,” while 38.4% aren’t aware of any place to ride.

Intimidated? Don’t be. You can learn basic mountain bike skills by following these step-by-step instructions.

Women make up just 12% of IMBA’s members and the association would like to see this number increase.

Don’t know where to ride? Find a trail near you and start turning those pedals.

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