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How to Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes


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Stockpile Your Supplies
How to Mount Cleats on Your Bike Shoes

Gather your supplies. You'll need your bike shoes, cleats and hardware, grease and a hex wrench. (At this point, your cleats will not be mounted to your shoes, as shown here.)

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There comes a point in time when some mountain bikers decide to make the switch from flat pedals or pedals with toe clips to clipless pedals. Although riding with clipless pedals offers enhanced pedal efficiency and control, not everyone prefers the feeling of clipless pedals, and that's OK. You can have an enjoyable mountain bike ride on any type of pedal!

For those of you who have made the switch to clipless, this tutorial will teach you how to mount your own cleats to your bike shoes—a fairly simple task you shouldn’t pay a bike shop to perform.

Let's get started. Chances are you’ve just bought a new pair of clipless bike pedals. (Congrats!) Your pedals will have likely come with cleats and the hardware required to mount them to your shoe. Gather everything together and grab a hex wrench and some grease while you’re at it.

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