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Mountain Bike Trail Building Tools

Essential equipment to build a mountain bike trail


Mountain Bike Trail Building Tools

Learn what trail building tools you need to build a mountain bike trail.

somegeekintn via Flickr

So, you are taking the necessary steps to build your very own mountain bike trail. Congratulations! Though hard work, trailbuilding can be most rewarding. Not sure where to start? The International Mountain Bicycling Association recommends the following tools for designing and building a sustainable mountain bike trail.

Tools for clearing trail:
Folding saw
Leaf rake or bow rake

Tools for excavating:
Rogue hoe

Tools for finishing:
Mcleod/Lamberton rake

Tools for armoring:
Rock bars
Wheel barrow/rock basket/rock stretcher
Safety eye glasses

Tools for designing:
Rolls of flagging tape
Pin flags

*Read IMBA's full list of trail building tools.

With the proper tools and trail building knowledge, you are well on your wall to building your very own mountain bike trail!

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