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A "Before You Ride" Basic Beginner Mountain Bike Skill Workshop


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Getting Started
Moutain Bike Helmet

Moutain Bike Helmet

Kevin Tisue
Mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone who knows how to ride a bike. It does, however, present some additional challenges compared to the average neighborhood ride. Master these basic skills before you hit the real dirt and turn those obstacles into something to look forward to.

These mountain biking beginner skills can be practiced at a local park, school, bike path, or simply in your neighborhood. Try to find a safe location with a steep hill.

First Things First - Get a Helmet
It’s simple. Get a helmet and wear it. This simple concept has saved thousands of lives including my own. Modern helmets are comfortable, stylish and every mountain biker wears one. You can go to your local bike shop and they will be happy to help you pick one out that suits your needs and budget.

Some other safety equipment and accessories that I recommend are cycling gloves (I prefer the full finger style), some sort of hydration system (either a water bottle or a hydration backpack), eye protection or sunglasses, bike shorts with extra padding where it counts, sunscreen, and a shirt made from quick drying material.

Continue through the following exercises.

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