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Fitness & Training

Fitness and mountain biking go hand in hand. We can help you reach your goals, whether it's getting in shape or making it to the top of your local mountain bike trail.

Injury Prevention: Patellar Tendinitis
Injury Prevention: Patellar Tendinitis

5 Best Pilates Exercises for Mountain Bikers
5 Best Pilates Exercises for Mountain Bikers

Injury Prevention: IT Band Syndrome
Injury Prevention: IT Band Syndrome

Injury Prevention: Concussions
Injury Prevention: Concussions

Injury Prevention: Carpal Tunnel
Injury Prevention: Carpal Tunnel

All About Strength Training
All About Strength Training For Cyclists.

Train Like a Pro: Georgia Gould
How to train like a professional mountain biker.

How to Train Like a Professional Mountain Biker
Learn How to Train Like a Professional Mountain Biker

Building Core Strength
A new approach to help cyclists build core strength.

The benefits and downfalls of strength training for cyclists
Learn the benefits and downfalls of strength training for cyclists.

How To Start A Strength Training Program
How To Start A Strength Training Program In The Off-Season

Building stronger muscles will increase cycling performance
Learn how to build your strength to improve your performance on the bike.

Preventing Overuse Injuries in Mountain Bikers
Learn how to prevent overuse injuries on the bike.

How to Prevent Hypothermia
How to Prevent Hypothermia While Mountain Biking

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional Cycling
The role of performance enhancing drugs in professional cycling.

How to Use a Foam Roller
How to Use a Foam Roller

Improve Your Sleeping Habits
Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Building Bone Strength
Building Bone Strength

Train Through the Off Season
Read on for some fitness inspiration during frightful weather.

Spin to Stay Active in the Off-Season
Join a spin class to keep on top of your mountain bike game.

Proper Nutrition for Mountain Bikers
Learn what to eat before, during and after a mountain bike ride.

Keep Fit With Spinning
Join a spin clas to stay strong on your bike

Pilates for Mountain Bikers
Learn how Pilates can help you become a stronger mountain biker.

What Mountain Bikers (Should) Eat
Find out what to eat to improve your performance on the bike.

No Gym, No Problem – Mountain Bike Strength Training
A two day, no gym required, strength training program for mountain bikers from MTB Strength Training System creator James Wilson. A serious at home or on the road mountain bike strength training program.

Coaching From a Champion: Alison Dunlap
Coaching tips from champion Alison Dunlap.

Before You Buy a Heart Rate Monitor
Check out this guide to buying a heart rate monitor if you're in the market for one. There's something for everyone--from athletes to techno-phobes!

Post Injury Recovery
A guide to making the best of your post injury recovery. Exercises and strategies to get your body back to prime condition after injury.

Get Fast! An Inteview With Selene Yeager
A Q&A with USA Cycling coach, personal trainer, mountain bike racer and author Selene Yeager.

Pilates for Cyclists
What is Pilates? And how can it help make me stronger on the bike?

Get Climbing Legs
This exercise will build musle in your legs - and stronger legs will help you pedal your bike quicker.

Winter Bike Training
Staying in Cycling shape over the winter can be a real challenge especially in particularly cold and wet areas of the world. Getting into a winter training routine for cycling can be make things a lot better.

Common Training Traps
Some basic training and fitness tips to keep you from outdoing your self from Mountain Bike Action Magazine. Moderation, preparation, and proper nutrition can keep you from self destructing your training and fitness goals.

Strengthen Your Core
Bike-specific Pilates exercises that will make you a stronger rider.

Cycling Training Tips
A good mountain bike training resource that guides you through getting ready for a race or event, starting with training tips during the off season and ending with advice for the day of the event.

Share How You Build Strength
Share how you build strength!

Share Your First Mountain Bike Racing Experience
Share your first mountain bike racing experience!

Profile: CrossFit Competitor Aaron Hewitt, PA-C
Profile: CrossFit Competitor Aaron Hewitt, PA-C

Profile: CrossFit Competitor Aaron Hewitt, PA-C - Part 2
Profile: CrossFit Competitor Aaron Hewitt, PA-C - Part 2

What is CrossFit? - Part I
What is CrossFit and how can it benefit mountain bikers?

What is CrossFit? - Part II
How to ensure a safe, healthy CrossFit workout.

5 Common CrossFit Injuries

All About CrossFit
All you need to know about CrossFit.

CrossFit: The Study
A new CrossFit study looks at whether the strength and conditioning program works and offers injury prevention tips.

5 Best Yoga Poses For Cyclists
Here they are! The 5 best yoga poses for cyclists.

5 Best Stretches For Cyclists
Increase performance and prevent injury with these 5 stretches.

5 Best Stretches For Cyclists: Part 2
Prevent injury and increase performance with these stretches.

Self Massage for Cyclists
How self massage benefits the mountain biking population.

Self Massage for Cyclists: Part 2
The benefits of self massage in the mountain biking population.

Tips for Proper Stretching

Preventing Neck Pain in Cyclists
How to prevent neck pain in cyclists.

5 Benefits of Stretching
The top five benefits of stretching.

5 More Stretches for Cyclists
5 cycling-specific stretches to alleviate pain and loosen up tight muscles.

Stretching For Cyclists
The debate surrounding stretching and why it's still a good thing for cyclists to stretch.

Stretching 101
Stretches for Cyclists: 101

Keep Your Body In Top Mountain Biking Shape
A list of activities to keep you in top mountain biking shape.

6 Ways to Stay Cool on Hot Rides
Find yourself mountain biking in hot weather? Use these tips to beat the heat.

7 Things Mountain Bikers Should Stop Doing
Mountain bikers: it's time to break those bad habits and step up your game!

Fuel Your Mountain Bike Ride
Just because you mountain bike doesn't give you license to eat whatever you want. Follow these tips when fueling up.

Plant-Based Diets Can Make You a More Efficient Mountain Biker
An interview with Vega formulator, Brendan Brazier, about the misconceptions of a plant-based diet and its advantages to mountain bikers.

Best Foods To Eat Before Mountain Biking
Nutrition experts weigh in on their favorite pre-ride foods.

The Worst Foods For Mountain Bikers
We talked to a few nutrition experts to find out the worst foods a mountain biker can eat.

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