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SRAM X-9 Drivetrain Review X-9 Shifters & X-9 Rear Derailleur

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


SRAM X-9 Rear Derailleur

The Bottom Line

I was impressed with the SRAM X-9 drivetrain from the moment I opened the box. Installation of the SRAM X-9 shifters and the SRAM X-9 rear derailleur was a breeze. The shifting performance has been flawless.

We have been using different models of the X-9 drivetrain each year since this review was originally published in 2004 and have yet to experience any real problems with any version.


  • Great shifting performance
  • Easy installation & adjustment
  • Derailleur design doesn't hit or clank against chainstay


  • Replacement parts may not be stocked in your local shop
  • Thumbs up shifting may not be intuitive to all at first


  • 1:1 Shift Ratio - For reliable shifting and easy adjustment
  • Burly Return Spring - Makes for longer shifting performance in all conditions
  • Direct Cable Housing Feed - For smoother and better shifting performance and less cable snags
  • Fixed Position Parallelogram Design - Prevents deraileur from contacting chainstay

Guide Review - SRAM X-9 Drivetrain Review X-9 Shifters & X-9 Rear Derailleur

The SRAM X-9 rear derailleur and SRAM X-9 shifters are a great combo. They use a 1:1 shifting ratio and a powerful return spring that makes for really easy installation, adjustment, and maintenance.

We used this system including the SRAM X-9 trigger shifters, SRAM X-9 rear derailleur, SRAM Hollow Point Chain and a SRAM rear cassette to replace a Shimano XTR drivetrain on a bike that had had chronic shifting problems. It has shifted flawlessly ever since.

I was pleased to discover that the SRAM X-9 rear derailleur doesn't clank against the chainstays on downhills like my Shimano derailleurs sometimes do. This is a really a nice feature, especially on FSR rear suspension frames. It makes for a much quieter ride.

Another positive of the X-9 rear derailleur is its direct cable housing feed that doesn't catch on branches as much as non-direct cable routed designs.

The SRAM X-9 rear derailleur and SRAM X-9 shifters make for an excellent upgrade. You will, however, have to get both the shifters and the derailleur if you don't already have a 1:1 shift ratio system such as another SRAM product.

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