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Avid Juicy Seven Disc Brake - Hydraulic Disc Brake Review

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Avid Juicy Seven Lever

The Bottom Line

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the release of the Avid Juicy Seven Disc brakes, they have lived up to nearly every expectation. Their performance and feel is top notch. <P> We've now been using our Juicy Sevens for several seasons and have continued to be impressed with both their performance and durability.


  • Great looking lever/master cylender design
  • Speed dial contact point adjustment is awesome
  • Super simple caliper/disc alignment


  • Caliper housing just hits spokes on Mavic Crossmax SL disc rims
  • Braking action would occasionally feel a little jerky and uneven when not warmed up


  • Speed dial contact point adjustment
  • Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System makes for disc alignment and setup
  • Power Reserve Geometry makes for excellent modulation
  • Wavy rotors help keep your brake pads clean
  • Very clean drip free bleed system

Guide Review - Avid Juicy Seven Disc Brake - Hydraulic Disc Brake Review

We tested the Avid Juicy Seven disc brakes in rain, sleet, snow, dust, mud, you name it, without complaint. We also raced the Juicy Seven's in cross-country, super-D, and downhill without a single brake related incident. This has been a long grueling test and the performance and adjustability has been second to none.

Setup and bleed for the Avid Juicy Seven hydraulic disc brakes is simple, quick and easy. I am a big fan of the Tri-Align system that uses spherical washers similar to V-brake and other cantilever brake pads to allow quick and easy alignment of the caliper to the disc. The bleed kit for the Avid Juicy Seven's uses syringes at each end of the system to capture all fluid and uses a simple very clean procedure.

The Avid Juicy Seven Disc brakes are nearly perfect, however I did come across one flaw. The caliper housing is a little big on the inside. For most wheelsets this is not a problem but with the 160mm discs it does just contact the spokes of our Mavic Crossmax SL Disc wheels.

These brakes have been awesome. If you can find them and afford them I would pick them up before someone else does.

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 4 out of 5
disc brakes, Member kiranshankarsuthar

its best in all types of brakes.................. it is more costly but its result is better than all other types of brakes..........

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