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SockGuy Wooligan Corsica Cycling Socks Review

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SockGuy Wooligan Corsica Cycling Socks Review

SockGuy Wooligan Cycling Socks


SockGuy bills itself as the “manufacturer of the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear.” After getting my hands on a pair of SockGuy Wooligan Corsica Cycling Socks last month, I can see why. I haven’t wanted to wear anything else since. Seriously comfy and wooly warm, they have earned a top spot in my winter sock rotation, and should unquestionably be a clothing item you consider when winter layering.

Strong & Super Smooth

Made from TurboWOOL, which is a mix of 50%polypropylene and 50% Merino wool, the Wooligans are said to have five times the strength and durability of Merino wool alone. I own a couple pairs of cycling socks that have shown signs of wear after one ride. I’m happy to report that after a handful of mountain bike rides (followed by a handful of rides in the washing machine), these socks have shown no signs of wear or shrinkage at all.

Ever own any wool clothing before? It has a tendency to make your skin itch. After slipping these socks on, one of the first things I noticed was how smooth they felt against my feet. The Wooligans are not at all itchy. Not even a little. They feel super soft on your skin—so soft, you might even forget you have wool socks on. Except for that whole warm feet thing. Compared to other cycling socks I own of the wool variety, the Wooligans are also noticeably more aerodynamic. There is no bulkiness to deal with whatsoever.

Multi-Use Socks

It hasn’t quite hit frigid temperatures in my neck of the woods yet, so I’ve been testing the Wooligans in high 30- to 40-degree weather. Paired with my winter biking shoes and even my summer/fall mountain bike shoes, my feet have stayed warm—both on and off the trail. In the woods, the Wooligans kept my mind off my toes and on the singletrack in front of me. On one particular group night ride, the temperature dropped, but my body temperature never did, thanks to my wooly feet warmers. Recently, during a road biking adventure, I donned the socks again. This time my left big toe felt a little chilly right off the bat. However, I attribute it to my several year old cycling shoes. They are falling apart at the seams—literally—in that exact spot.

The Wooligans have also proved to be multi-sport. They were my sock of choice on an 8+ mile hike in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. We started at the bottom of a several thousand foot mountain, where the ground was muddy and the air was chilly. After a couple hours, we found ourselves at the top of said mountain, where the ground was frozen solid and covered in several inches of snow, and the icy wind was relentless. Not once did I think about my feet. (My hiking buddies were not as fortunate.) I wore my socks under a pair of above-the-ankle hiking boots, and stayed toasty warm. I should note that I typically wear two pairs of socks on winter hiking adventures, but forgot this time around. Fortunately, one pair of Wooligans worked just fine.

Wicks Away Wetness

SockGuy claims their wool socks will “out-wick and evaporate moisture better than any other wool sock on the market today.” Though my cycling sock collection is always growing, I don’t own that many pairs of socks (thank goodness!), so I won’t be able to verify this particular statement. I can, however, tell you that my feet never once overheated while I was riding in the Wooligans. SockGuy also claims that their socks will perform year round. I have only tested these out in one season, so expect me to put them to the test again come summer to see if that wicking technology works during the hottest part of the year.

SockGuy offers their Wooligan cycling socks in the following sizes: Small/Medium: Men's 5-9, Women's 6-10, Euro 37-42, Medium/Large: Men's 9-13, Women's 10-14, Euro 43-48. Made in the USA. MSRP: $12.95.

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