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Buyers Guide to Mountain Bikes, Components, & Accessories

Helpful mountain bike buyers guides and product reviews to make your mountain bike, bicycle accessory, component, and other mountain biking related product buying decisions easier.
  1. Accessories & Clothing (38)
  2. Bike Reviews (16)
  3. Component Reviews (22)
  4. Mountain Bike Gift Guide (13)
  5. Technology & Innovation (25)

Mountain Bike Gift Guide: 2012 Edition
Give the mountain biker in your life something they really want this year!

Interbike 2012 - The 650b/27.5 Revolution
A list of the latest goods I saw at Interbike 2012 from manufacturers getting behind the medium wheel size.

Interbike 2012 Sneak Peek Day 1
A look at what's new in 2013 in the world of mountain biking.

Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for that perfect gift for the mountain biker in your life? Look no further. This holiday gift guide is meant to make shopping for your favorite two-wheel fanatic easy and stress-free. Or perhaps you are that two-wheel fanatic looking for some gift ideas for yourself to pass along to friends and family. Whatever brings you here, this...

Ergon BD2
The Ergon BD2 strays from the tried-and-true hydration pack pattern—for good reason.

Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0
The small, sleek Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0 is the minimalist’s pack of choice.

How To Buy a Bike - A Mountain Bike Buyers Guide
This mountain bike buyers guide will help you put some thought into it before you lay down the cash and will help the mountain bike buying process go a bit smoother.

What Type of Mountain Bike Should I Get ?
A quick guide to choosing the right type of mountain bike for you. How to decide what type of mountain bike will fit your needs best. Choosing between cross Country, all mountain (trailbike), freeride, and downhill mountain bikes.

Mountain Bike Accessories - Necessary Accessories
Overwhelmed with too many mountain bike accessories to choose from? Find a list of all the mountain bike accessories one needs to get started.

Mountain Bike Gifts - Top 10 Mountain Bike Gifts
A quick guide to our top ten gift ideas for mountain bikers. Great mountain bike gifts for your mountain biking friends and family.

$10 Mountain Bike Gifts - Mountain Bike gifts Around or Under $10 US
Our top picks of $10 mountain bike gifts. These are mountain bike gifts that wont break your wallet, are easy to find, and cost about $10.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Gifts Around & Under $25
A quick list of $25 mountain bike gifts. Our top picks of mountain bike gifts around or under $25 US. What every mountain biker would want that costs around or under $25 US.

Do I Need a Women's Specific Mountain Bike?
Women's specific mountain bikes aren't for everone but can be a great fit for some. Here's help for you to decide if you need a women's specific mountain bike for yourself.

What's Up With The 29 Inch Mountain Bikes?- Do You want 29 Inch Wheels?
A quick look at 29 inch mountain bikes. The positives and negatives of 29 inch mountain bikes and why these bikes are great for some people but may not be for you.

Should I Go Tubeless? - Standard Vs. Tubeless Tires
A comparison of tubeless tires vs. standard mountain bike tires. A look at why you might want to switch from your standard system to a tubeless tire system or why you might want to stay with what you have.

What Type Of Bike Pedals Should You Use?
Descriptions, performance and guidelines to choosing bike pedals. What type of bike pedals you should be using. What makes some bike pedals better than others. Clipless, platform, and cages, why what type of bike pedals you use makes a diffference.

Should I Get Disc Brakes or Rim Brakes? - What System Will Weigh More
Who should have disk brakes or rim brakes on their mountain bikes. A weight comparison of disc brakes and rim brakes. What it takes to switch from rim brakes to disc brakes or from disc brakes to rim brakes and why you might want to make a switch.

Do Do I need a Full Suspension Mountain Bike? - Full Suspension or Hardtail?
Full suspension mountain bikes are everywhere these days. Find out if a full suspension or a hardtail mountain bike is for you.

How Much Suspension Do I Need? - Mountain Bike Suspension Travel
How much suspension travel do you need on your mountain bike? Are you riding a mountain bike with the right amount of suspension travel for your riding style and terrain?

What is it Like to Mountain Bike at Night, and What Equipment is Required?
A quick look at riding mountain bikes at night and what you might need to give it a try. Night riding with your mountain bike. Mountain bike light systems.

What is a 650B Mountain Bike and Why Would I Want One?
A quick look at the 650B mountain bike movement. Why you might want a 650B mountain bike and how they are different.

SRAM or Shimano? - Is One Drivetrain Better Than Another?
A quick look at the two main drivetrain systems available to the mountain bike industry.

Weight Weenies
Ever wonder how much everything on your bike weighs? This site is an excellent resource for actual weights of parts and bikes.

MTBR.com - Consumer Mountain Bike Related Reviews
An excellent resource with reviews from the users of the site. Numerous reviews are posted for each product with both written reviews as well as an overall rating averaging all of the posted reviews.

Ask R.C Advice From Mountain Bike Action Magazine
This is a good resource for product related questions. Ask a question and get an answer or search through the archives for good answers to product related questions.

Mountain Biking Gear
Find necessary mountain biking gear, buyers guides, product reviews and more resources here!

2013 Mountain Biking Gift Guide
Mountain Biking Gift Guide: 2013 Edition

2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market
The latest cycling products from the biggest outdoor trade show.

Spring Mountain Bike Must-Haves: Ladies Edition
Spring 2014 Gear For Mountain Bikers.

7 Mountain Bike Must-Haves For Spring
Spring Mountain Biking Must-Haves.

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