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Trail Reviews by Region

Find new mountain bike trails across the United States


Trail Reviews by Region
Eric Fischer via Flickr

Region: Northeast

New Hampshire
Fast and flowy, Red Tail Trail in New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley offers a wild technical descent with berms and stunning panoramas. You’re going to earn this fun ride though by pedaling up Black Cap—a fairly grueling climb—first. Once gravity becomes your friend again, challenging New England singletrack rife with rock gardens will keep you attentive the whole way down.

Mount Washington Valley’s family-friendly Great Glen trail system offers miles of well-marked carriage roads mellow enough for riders of any ability. Don’t forget your camera—you’ll be riding past magnificent views of the Northern Presidential Mountains. Within the carriage roads you’ll find a network of singletrack, as well, making it easy to hop on and off at your convenience.

Designated an International Mountain Bicycling Association “Epic,” Kingdom Trails in East Burke offers 100 miles of meticulously maintained non-motorized trails. Each trail is one-of-a-kind, unbelievably well-thought-out and absurdly fun to ride. You’ll feel like you’re 10 years old again on trails like Webs and Kitchel. Keep an eye out for belted cows, maple syrup tubing and other quintessential New England highlights.

Designed by mountain bikers, the Allegrippis Trail System at Raystown Lake offers 30-plus miles of machine-built singletrack. With very few obstacles, and pump track-esque trails, riding here can be recklessly fast if you don’t consciously keep your speed in check. Climbs aren’t terribly demanding and the “stacked loop” system lets riders customize the length and difficulty of their ride.

Located within Philadelphia city limits, Wissahickon Valley Park is an urban oasis for mountain bikers of all levels. An endless flow of traffic and an active local mountain bike association keeps the 50-plus miles of trails constantly changing. Plenty of rock gardens, logs and jumps keep things interesting. Following trails is straightforward, and signage depicts pictures rather than words.

Region: Midwest

There’s more to Cleveland than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There’s snow and ice in the winter months. Lots of it. That’s why mountain bikers turn to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park when the weather gets rough. The over 100,000-square foot remodeled factory is open from November through April and welcomes riders of all ages and skill levels.

Region: West

At 8,000 feet, you better believe you’re going to earn that beautiful view of Park City, Utah, from the Mid Mountain Trail. An International Mountain Bicycling Association “Epic” ride, mountain bikers will experience 3,000 feet of altitude change and breathtaking ridge-top riding. Beginner and experienced riders alike will find solitude in the Western edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Designated an IMBA "Epic," the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System is a must-ride if you’re ever in Hurricane City, Utah. The network of trails is 21 miles long and combines the Hurricane Rim, JEM, Gould and Gould Rim trails. Don't leave home without a huge hydration pack - you'll be hard pressed to find a single shady spot.

Gooseberry Mesa is situated in Hurricane City, Utah, at 5,200 feet. That said, you'll likely notice it stays cooler than many of the area's popular trails. The technical hardpack singletrack will keep you on your toes--a good thing since there's plenty of pointy vegetation should you veer off course.

As the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s very first "Epic" Ride, the Edge Loop in Fruita, Colorado, lives up to its name. Be prepared for huge climbs and crazy steep descents. There may or may not be a mandatory waterfall rappel. Yeah, it’s definitely in the “advanced” category. This 35-mile trail is located in the desert - be prepared for intense heat in the summer and extreme weather fluctuations.

The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race course may darn well feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. But it’s one of the most gorgeous trails I’ve ever ridden. You’ll be riding mere inches from spiky desert flora for 17 miles. A word to the wise: That pretty cactus can turn painful in a hurry. Stay alert and pack a spare tube or patch kit.

Juneau offers a plethora of easy, intermediate and advanced trails. On your next visit to the capitol city, make a point to visit a few on this list:

  • Dredge Lake Trail (3 miles)
  • Kaxdigoowu Heen Dei / Mendenhall River Trail (2.1 miles)
  • Treadwell Historic Loop Trail (2 miles)
  • Herbert Glacier Trail (4.6 miles)
  • Perseverance Trail / Red Mill Spur Trail (3.5 miles)
  • Treadwell Ditch Trail (3.5 miles)
  • East Glacier Trail (3.5 miles)
  • Eaglecrest Road to Mountaintop (2 miles)

Take a spin on one of these recommended trails in Ketchikan:

  • Salvage Trail – An easy 1.5 mile (one way) trail that gains 100 feet in elevation.
  • Ward Creek Trail – An easy 2.5 mile trail that gains 100 feet in elevation.

Don’t see your favorite trail on the list? Submit your own personal review and we’ll publish it!

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