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Basic Mountain Bike Maintenance

A few things you should do to keep your mountain bike running smoothly. Instruction and advice on the most basic mountain bike maintenance.

How to Tune Up a Mountain Bike
Learn some basic skills to keep your mountain bike in tip-top shape.

How To Set Up Your Bike Cockpit
Learn how to set up your bike's cockpit

What to Bring on a Mountain Bike Ride
Learn which essential items you need to bring with you on the mountain bike trail.

How to Build a Mountain Bike Trail
Learn the basics of building a mountain bike trail.

Quick Fixes For Common Bike Problems
It s inevitable. There comes a point when gasp! something will stop working on your mountain bike that makes it unrideable. From getting a flat tire to unintentionally bending your derailleur hanger, these setbacks can keep you from cranking your pedals. But they shouldn t! While not every mountain bike problem can (or should) be fixed yourself, learning a few basic techniques can ensure you re …

How to 'Un-Stick' a Seized Seatpost
Learn how to prevent a seatpost from bonding to your mountain bike frame!

How to Clean a Mountain Bike
Learn how to clean your bike and what items youll need for the job!

How To Quick Lube a Mountain Bike - Quick and Easy Mountain Bike Lube
A good mountain bike lube job is essential to a smooth running mountain bike. If you want to get out and ride but don't have time to do a thorough mountain bike lube there are just a few points you should pay attention to before you hit the trails.

How to Fix a Flat Tire - Fix a Flat Mountain Bike Tire
A step by step guide on how to fix a flat tire. Its easy to learn how to fix a flat tire, it just takes a few minutes and a few tools.

Why Did My Rear Derailleur Go Into My Spokes?
The common causes of your derailleur going into your rear wheel spokes and how to prevent the problem. Its not uncommon to run your derailleur into the spokes of your rear wheel. When your derailleur goes into your spokes it can have disastrous consequences.

How To Maintain Your Chain
Proper chain maintenance is crucial to keeping your bike running smooth, quiet and efficient. Follow these tips to keep it in good condition.

Anatomy of a Bike - Mountain Bike Parts and Repairs
A detailed guide to bike parts with definitions and repair techniques. Excellent descriptions and pictures to help you repair your bike from UtahMountainBiking.com.

How To Fix A Flat Tire - Flat Tire Advice From eHow.com
A step by step guide to fixing that flat tire. Good flat tire advice on how to get your bike rolling again when you have a punctured mountain bike tube from eHow.com.

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