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Ultimate Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand

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Ultimate Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand

Ultimate Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand

Ultimate Support

The Bottom Line

The Ultimate Pro-Elite bicycle repair stand is a well designed high end product. It is simply an improvement on a design that was already an industry standard. The Ultimate Pro-Elite bicycle repair stand will give you years of reliable performance with no compromise.


  • Super easy setup & operation, nice quick clamp release mechanism.
  • Tripod base is perfect for uneven ground.
  • Folds nicely into compact size for storage and travel.
  • Heavy duty, durable construction.
  • Really nice looking stand.


  • At $230 US, not a cheap stand, but worth it if you can afford it.


  • Quick release clamping head.
  • Compact folding design.
  • Tripod base for stability on uneven ground.
  • Up to 2.6" tube clamping capacity.
  • Weight: 13lb (13.9 kg)
  • Load Capacity: 85lb (38.5 kg)
  • Optional Accs.: Alpine Digital Scale, Truing Station, Tool Box, Tool Tray, Handlebar Holder, Tote
  • Price: $230 US , $245 US (with tote bag)

Guide Review - Ultimate Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand

We've been using an Ultimate Pro bicycle repair stand for several years and were really excited to bring the new Ultimate Pro-Elite model into our shop. Not that there was anything wrong with the Pro model, but the Pro-Elite is only better.

The Ultimate Pro-Elite bicycle repair stand uses a folding tripod base that works awesome on uneven ground. Folding up the base only requires the release of one quick release lever and a firm pull at the center.

The folding tripod base of the Pro-Elite bicycle stand also provides another great feature. Not only can you fold the stand up and store it in the optional tote bag, but what we usually do is partially fold the legs up and simply store it in the standing position with a much smaller footprint.

Vertical height adjustment is also easy with the Pro-Elite bicycle repair stand with a single quick release lever located waist high along the main support tube.

The clamping head of the Ultimate Pro-Elite bicycle repair stand is bit burlier than the older design and has a greatly improved instant release mechanism. It's never to hard to get the right clamping pressure on the bike and there's no more struggle getting heavier bikes out.

When it comes time to position the bike, the clutch style rotation adjustment of the clamping head makes it easy.

No doubt, this is a great stand. If you are serious about doing your own repairs and you can afford the higher price, you may find this stand at the top of your list.

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