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Polar S520 Heart Rate Monitor & Cycle Computer - Polar S520 Product Review

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Polar S520 Cycle Heart Rate Monitor

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor and a cycle computer to help you improve your endurance, get a better workout, or help you train for racing, the Polar S520 heart rate monitor and cycle computer is a great choice.

While heart rate monitors aren't cheap, the S520 is more affordable some of the top of the line products out there and it has just about every feature you will ever need.


  • Cycle computer & heart rate monitor in one package
  • Wireless speed sensor
  • Easily transfers from cycle to wrist with no hastle
  • Distance based interval feature
  • Coded transmitter


  • Chest Strap is less comfortable than Polar's higher end models
  • No temperature or altitude features as found on Polar's higher end models


  • Heart Rate Monitor Functions / Cycle Computer Functions
  • Adjustable Molded Chest Strap
  • Wireless Cycle Speed Sensor
  • Bike Mount Included
  • MSRP: $259.95 U.S.
  • System Weight: 190g (Fully mounted)

Guide Review - Polar S520 Heart Rate Monitor & Cycle Computer - Polar S520 Product Review

We tested the Polar S520 cycle heart rate monitor in all sorts of weather and riding conditions and never had any performance issues.

The Polar S520 heart rate monitor and cycle computer is easy to set up and provides you with all the training and fitness info you need for most workout and training programs. You can even transfer training data to software on your PC.

Out of the box, the Polar S520 cycle heart rate monitor comes with everything you need to set up your bike. As far as cycle features go you get: trip length, speed (incl. average and max), distance based intervals, distance based recovery, and wheel size settings for two bikes. You can also purchase an optional cadence sensor.

Its the heart rate and fitness features are what you really pay for with the Polar S520. Rather than explaining it here, I will leave explaining the benefits of training with a heart rate monitor to another resource. However, I will note the S520 has all the features that most people will ever need for this type of training.

I was most impressed with the ease of setup with the Polar S520 heart rate monitor and cycle computer.

If you know you want a heart rate monitor and not just a cycle computer, the Polar S520 is a good affordable choice. If you don't really care if you have heart rate monitoring capability, just get a standard cycle computer and save yourself a couple hundred dollars.

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