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Shimano SH-MW80 Mountain Bike Shoe

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Shimano SH-MW80 Mountain Bike Shoe

Shimano SH-MW80 Mountain Bike Shoe


I rocked the Shimano SH-MW80 all weather insulated GORE-TEX® DURATHERM® mountain shoes this past winter and all I have to say is: "Go get yourself a pair."


It’s frigid in my neck of the woods during winter, and these shoes more than earned their stay in my weekly riding routine. They kept my feet warm and dry through the long, cold season. Now that the weather is warming up, I have no plans to toss them aside. Why? Because they keep my feet comfortable in wet and warm conditions too.

Shimano SH-MW80 Pros:
  • Waterproof
  • Idiot-proof Velcro closure
  • Comfy feet in a wide range of temps
Shimano SH-MW80 Cons:
  • Ankle wrap could come a bit higher

Toasty Toes

Made of full-grain leather, the MW80’s high-top design kept snow and trail/road debris out while pedaling my Surly Pugsley on and off-road. A bit of the fluffy stuff did creep in after hiking my bike up our unplowed driveway through two-plus feet of snow one afternoon, but that's another story.

Every so often, snow turns to sleet, then to rain, then back to snow again. I found myself out on the trail during a few of these "wintry mix" occasions, and never once came home with wet toes or cold feet. The insulated GORE-TEX® DURATHERM® liner does a good job shedding water in warmer, wet conditions.

Temperature Control

My experience with Shimano's MW80 on the road was less than ideal, but after making a few adjustments to my base sock layers, I was good to go. Here's what happened: For whatever reason, I thought it a good idea to venture out one bitter winter night in sub-zero temperatures for a 10-or-so mile road loop in thin wool socks. After I thawed out from that ride, I vowed to always wear two layers on my feet (and hands, and legs, and head, and…).

I’ve ridden since then in similar conditions as well as in temperatures that feel downright balmy, and have been pleasantly surprised with the MW80’s ability to keep my feet comfortable in both extremes. My test shoes fit true to size. However, if you plan to strictly wear them in cold-weather, keep in mind the thick pair (or two) of socks you’ll be sporting.

Shimano’s MW80 shoe also boasts a water sealing polyurethane-coated neoprene booty, complete seam-sealed construction, reflectors on the rear and side of shoes, off-set straps to prevent pressure points and a lightweight sole with great traction in snow and mud. The manufacturer advises you to not use a washing machines or dryer to clean the shoes and suggests air-drying in a shaded area. If you ride with clipless pedals, an online tutorial walks you through attaching the cleat to the shoe.

The Takeaway

Ridiculously easy to put on and take off with gloves, extremely durable (my test pair still looks like new after a complete winter riding season) and downright comfortable to ride in, I recommend trying a pair out for yourself—if you want your mountain bike season to last year-round! MSRP: $229.99
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