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Princeton Tec EOS BIKE

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Princeton Tec EOS BIKE

Princeton Tec EOS BIKE

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If there’s one thing I can’t stand about bike lighting systems, it’s that they’re so heavy. Seriously, who in the world wants to lug around extra weight—on top of their head? No, your sagging helmet isn’t a fashion statement. It’s a sign that you need a lighter bike light. Enter the Princeton Tec EOS® BIKE.


  • Won’t break the bank at $49.99
  • Helmet/handle bar/head strap mounting options included
  • Waterproof housing
  • Lightweight means helmet won’t slump to the side


  • Slow blink mode
  • Won’t work as a primary on pitch black trails

Lightweight Lamp

When I first held the tiny torch in the palm of my hand (yes, the entire set up fits in one hand), I was stunned to feel its weight—or lack thereof. Running off of three AAA batteries, the EOS BIKE weighs in at 105 grams, and is a barely noticeable addition to your helmet or handlebars. Until you turn it on. The self-contained battery lighting system is comprised of one Maxbright Rebel LED and a collimator to create a long distance spot beam.

Frugal Flare

Don’t want to spend your life savings to light up the bike trail? You don’t have to. At $49.99, the Princeton Tec EOS BIKE is an inexpensive option. Store it in your pocket or hydration pack, and you won't worry when your next ride lasts ‘til twilight. Keep in mind that the petite price tag does compromise the amount of light it gives off. As in, I wouldn’t fly down a technical descent using the EOS as my primary light (you’ll need to enter a higher price range for that sense of security). But it is a perfect backup or secondary for night riding or racing.

Waterproof Wonder

Princeton Tec claims the EOS BIKE is waterproof to one meter for up to 30 minutes. And while I'm not going to go scuba diving with the light, I wanted to see for myself if it had potential to die in a downpour. So, I filled up the bathtub and dropped the EOS in. I started writing this review, then had some dinner, then started writing again. In fact, it's been two hours and the EOS BIKE is still shining bright at the bottom of the tub. Yep. I think it'll do just fine in the rain.

Princeton Tec EOS BIKE Specs:

  • LED system
  • 80 Lumens of power
  • 121 hours of burn time on low/113 hours on high
  • Runs off three AAA alkaline or lithium batteries
  • 105 grams

Visit the manufacturer’s Web site.

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