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Types Of Mountain Bike Racing - Mountain Biking - About.com
While the first mountain biking world cup series occurred in 1991, the sport of mountain bike racing was acknowledged by the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI ) ...
What Type of Mountain Bike Should I Get?
These days, mountain bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide exactly what type of bike is ...
Cross-Country - Mountain Bike Definition of XC or Cross-Country
Definition: Cross-country or XC mountain bike riding refers the type of terrain the riding is being done on and what type of ride it is. Most mountain bike trail riding ...
How Much Mountain Bike Suspension Travel Do I Need?
First, the style and type of riding you want to do, and second, the type of terrain you ride in. Answer: There are now about five main catagories of mountain bikes  ...
What Type Of Bike Pedals Should You Use? - Mountain Biking
Bike Pedals come in three main types, Clipless, platform, and cage. Each type has its place in the industry, but when you're looking for new pedals or buying a ...
Types of Mountain Bike Frame Materials - Mountain Biking - About ...
Understanding the different frame materials for a mountain bike.
Best Mountain Bike Upgrades for Biking - Mountain Biking - About.com
Consider what type of riding you'll be doing: downhill, cross country, tight and twisty, etc. These days, many mountain bikes that are designed for cross-country  ...
Considerations Before Buying a Mountain Bike - Mountain Biking
Mountain bikes are designed for several different riding styles and terrain. You will need to figure out what type of riding you'll be doing most of the time.
What You Need to Start Mountain Biking
But you probably don't know what kind of bike to get. There are three main types of mountain bikes on the market today: rigid, hardtail and full suspension.
Best Colorado Mountain Biking - Adventure Travel - About.com
Sources for best Colorado mountain biking trails, resorts and cities, with links to ... classes offered daily after their mid-June opening (assuming a late mountain ...
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