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Do I Need a Full Suspension Mountain Bike? - Mountain Biking
Full suspension mountain bikes are everywhere these days. Find out if a full suspension or a hardtail mountain bike is for you.
How Much Mountain Bike Suspension Travel Do I Need?
How much suspension travel do you need on your mountain bike? Are you riding a mountain bike with the right amount of suspension travel for your riding style ...
Considerations Before Buying a Mountain Bike - Mountain Biking
I always recommend a full suspension mountain bike if you can afford it. Hardtails , without rear suspension, are lighter weight and pedal more efficiently but full ...
Do I Need Shocks and Suspension on My Mountain Bike? - Bicycling
If you are thinking about getting a mountain bike, do you need to get shocks on it ? Depends. The most basic mountain bikes do not have shocks, but as the price ...
Notable Mountain Bike Innovations - Mountain Biking - About.com
Probably the biggest changes that have influenced the user experience in mountain biking have been with the introduction of front and rear suspension.
Why Is Seat Height on Motorcycles So Important?
But the figure can vary depending on suspension settings; for instance, if the bike is setup with more preload, it can sit taller and settle less when a rider rests his ...
Motorcycle Handling Problems and Suspension Set-Up
In fact most classics (older than 25 years) were not fitted with the sophisticated fully adjustable suspension that is commonplace on modern bikes today.
Titus Switchblade Review - Complete Bike Review of the Titus ...
I recommend 5"+ fork and a trail bike setup with bigger tires. ... well in all conditions, and I have always been a big fan of fully active Horst link suspensions .
How to Inspect a Used Motorcycle - Compress the Suspension
Once you've taken a look at the individual components, sit on the bike, grab the front brake, and try compressing the forks; they should react with firm resistance,  ...
Bike Reviews - Calorie Count
Why are you looking at full suspensions instead of hardtails? The full suspension bikes are superior for wild downhills with big rocks, but weight ...
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