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Do I Need a Full Suspension Mountain Bike? - Mountain Biking
Full suspension mountain bikes are everywhere these days. Find out if a full suspension or a hardtail mountain bike is for you.
How Much Mountain Bike Suspension Travel Do I Need?
How much suspension travel do you need on your mountain bike? Are you riding a mountain bike with the right amount of suspension travel for your riding style ...
Notable Mountain Bike Innovations - Mountain Biking - About.com
Probably the biggest changes that have influenced the user experience in mountain biking have been with the introduction of front and rear suspension.
Do I Need Shocks and Suspension on My Mountain Bike? - Bicycling
If you are thinking about getting a mountain bike, do you need to get shocks on it ? Depends. The most basic mountain bikes do not have shocks, but as the price ...
Considerations Before Buying a Mountain Bike - Mountain Biking
I always recommend a full suspension mountain bike if you can afford it. Hardtails , without rear suspension, are lighter weight and pedal more efficiently but full ...
Why Is Seat Height on Motorcycles So Important?
But the figure can vary depending on suspension settings; for instance, if the bike is setup with more preload, it can sit taller and settle less when a rider rests his ...
Motorcycle Handling Problems and Suspension Set-Up
In fact most classics (older than 25 years) were not fitted with the sophisticated fully adjustable suspension that is commonplace on modern bikes today.
How to Inspect a Used Motorcycle - Compress the Suspension
Once you've taken a look at the individual components, sit on the bike, grab the front brake, and try compressing the forks; they should react with firm resistance,  ...
Titus Switchblade Review - Complete Bike Review of the Titus ...
No kidding, this is one of the best bikes I have ever ridden. Manufacturer's Site. Pros ... Related Articles. How much mountain bike suspension travel do I need?
Bike Reviews - Calorie Count
Why are you looking at full suspensions instead of hardtails? The full suspension bikes are superior for wild downhills with big rocks, but weight ...
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