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Mountain Bike Gear - Gear for Mountain Biking
Find a gear guide to mountain biking, plus buyer's guides, product reviews and more resources ... Don't know what to bring with you on a mountain bike ride?
Necessary Winter Mountain Biking Gear - About.com
Try it for yourself. But first get your hands on this recommended gear. A proper bike. Unfortunately, you can't play in the snow atop your everyday mountain bike.
Necessary Mountain Biking Accessories - About.com
Find a list of all the mountain bike accessories one needs to get started. ... Mountain Biking Gear and Equipment · A "Before You Ride" Basic Beginner Mountain ...
Essential Gear for Commuting by Bike - Bicycling - About.com
Bike commuting is its own special type of riding. Here is a list of the gear and accessories you can't do without as a bike commuter to make your ride safe and ...
Why Bikes Have Gears - What Shifting Does - Bicycling - About.com
Your bike would have just one gear, set at just that right spot where where you can keep pedaling at a nice comfortable pace without killing yourself. From the ...
How to Shift - How to Change Gears on Your Bike
Want to know the basics of shifting from one gear to another when riding your ... Knowing when and how to change the gears on your bike is not one of those ...
Bike Gear Essentials - Sports Medicine - About.com
Jan 1, 2014 ... Tight, black lyric bike shorts may look a bit strange to some people, but for a cyclist, ... Bike Gear Essentials - Bike Shorts and Cycling Jerseys.
Changing Gears in the Back - Bicycling - About.com
The rear wheel of a Kona PhD hybrid/commuter bike. ... in the path and you automatically flip it into an easier gear to maintain your cadence, or pedaling rhythm.
Gear and Accessories for your Bike - Bicycling - About.com
There is a world of equipment and accessories out there to sort through for you and your bicycle. Learn more here about the gear that you need, and clothing ...
Shifting Tips - A Few More Hints About Changing Gears - Bicycling
It's bad for the bike to shift when the pedals are not turning, and so you want to remember this and anticipate your stops, shifting to the right gear that you want to  ...
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