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Should I Get Disc Brakes or Rim Brakes? - Mountain Biking - About ...
Who should have disk brakes or rim brakes on their mountain bikes. A weight comparison of disc brakes and rim brakes. What it takes to switch from rim brakes  ...
Brake Lever - Glossary Definition of a Mountain Bike Brake Lever
What's a Brake Lever? It's simple, check out this definition of a mountain bike brake lever.
Avid Juicy Seven Disc Brakes - Mountain Biking - About.com
A complete Avid Juicy Seven Disc Brake product review. A full season test of one of the best mountain bike brake systems available. The Avid Juicy Seven Disc ...
How to Brake on a Motorcycle - Motorcycles - About.com
Once you become familiar with your bike's brakes, the sensations of weight transfer will start to feel more apparent. Stopping hard enough on the fronts might  ...
Disc Brakes definition - What are Disc Brakes on a Bike - Bicycling
Disc brakes on a bicycle are brakes that slow the bike by acting on a disc mounted on the hub of the wheel. This is different from standard brakes, which press ...
Four Easy Bike Tune-Up and Maintenance Tricks
The bike brake pads should also be "toed-in," which means the leading edge of the pads should touch the bike rim first when you lightly apply the brakes.
Motorcycle Brake - How to Brake on a Motorcycle Video
Braking in a car and braking on a bike are two very different animals. Learn how to keep you and your motorcycle safe in any braking situation.
How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes (Maintenance) - Classic Motorcycles
Bleeding motorcycle brakes is not difficult, but as this task is obviously safety related, it is ... Classic Motorcycle Racing · Collecting Old Bikes · Showing Your Bike ...
How to Ride a Motorcycle - Step by Step Tutorial
Pulling the lever applies the front brakes, and smoothness is crucial here: yank the lever too hard, and the front brakes can lockup, causing the bike to skid, ...
Disc Brakes vs. Regular Brakes - Bicycling - About.com
Oct 3, 2009 ... If you want better brake performance in all conditions and aren't worried about ... Disc or Rim Brakes: Which Is Better for Your Mountain Bike?
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