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Beth  Puliti

Beth Puliti

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Beth Puliti is a passionate mountain biker living and riding in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the former managing editor at a national healthcare magazine.


As a professional writer and editor, Beth has written about mountain biking for national publications and holds professional relationships with mountain biking industry affiliates. She races when inspiration strikes, and has raced in the Mid Atlantic Super Series and participated in 24-hour endurance races across the country. Beth is a member of the New England Mountain Bike Association and International Mountain Bicycling Association.

By Beth Puliti:

While I may not be the fastest or the toughest on the trail, you’re unlikely to find anyone with more enthusiasm for the sport of mountain biking. Cranking my pedals awakens my soul. I’m thrilled to share my passion with people who share my love of riding in the dirt.

I’m willing to bet you have a soft spot for riding off-road too. Whether you’re brand new to mountain biking or have realized over the years that you can’t live without it, I warmly welcome you to Mountain Biking on About.com! I hope you find this site a fun place to learn and share experiences from the trail. Enjoy the ride.

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